Frequently Asked Questions

Shemiah Derrick, LCPC, CADC
6127 South University Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637, United States
Ph: 773-424-2007

How much does therapy cost?

This is the #1 question, or at least what most people are thinking about. It can vary based on a few factors. However, I can say that in general sessions with me are $200 per hour. If you have insurance benefits that cover therapy and I am in network, your cost is based on your benefits. 

How long will I need to be in therapy?

Another good question with no magical answer. Given that therapy, in many cases is a a new routine or behavior you are developing it takes time to see results. Your goals and what you're trying to achieve can vary. I recommend committing for at least 6 months.

Are sessions in person or virtual?

Both. Many clients like the flexibility of having an opportunity to come in person or being seen virtually when schedules are challenging.

Do you only work with couples?

My specialization is in couples therapy and coaching. I can and do work with a limited number of individuals who want to work on relational or relationship-based issues and challenges.

Do you work with clients outside of Illinois & Wisconsin?

Yes! All the time. However, keep in mind this is with clients who are receiving coaching versus therapy services. If you are looking for therapy, you must see a therapist licensed in your state. If it is determined your goals are a fit for coaching, we can talk about that!

What is the Gottman Method?

One of the primary ways I work with couples is by using the Gottman Method. Based on research, the Gottman Method is an approach designed to repair disconnection, improve intimacy and teach you practical communication skills and tools.