How I Work

Shemiah Derrick is an African-American female therapist providing individual and couples therapy.

When you are not at your best, making decisions about your career, education, family, lifestyle, relationship or even what to have for dinner can feel overwhelming. You can live the life that you want without having to fight for it, feel confused, conflicted or exhausted all the time. You don’t have to sacrifice your health and sanity or figure out how to do it by yourself - I can help. 

You and I will work together to untangle all of the things that are causing you distress. We’ll set a goal, focus on what you need most, help you regain control and get you on the path to the life you envisioned for yourself. It is possible to wake up in the morning and feel hopeful, inspired and ready for whatever curveballs life has for you that day.


Individual Therapy

While I specialize in these areas, I also work with clients who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.

Couples Therapy

I am an affirming therapist and I work with sexually and gender diverse (same sex and heterosexual) couples in dating and long-term relationships as well as providing pre-marital and marriage counseling.

Family Therapy

I primarily work with adults who want to work through unhealthy patterns and behaviors or past trauma within their family of origin. I also offer reunification therapy and assist families with developing a reunification plan.