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 I’m Shemiah. I help couples and individuals make changes that stick.

As a licensed relationship therapist, my life’s work is about teaching individuals and couples how to cultivate relationships and build marriages. Relationships are hard! Many people don’t know how to enhance their existing marriages and relationships. And that’s where I come in.



Meditation, Pomodoro to be productive and ending my day with kindness.

daily rituals

Creating products and services for my amazing clients, or on the golf course.


I’m a Chicagoan — southsider to be specific. I’m also an entrepreneur, best- selling author, and wife to an amazing Black King. (And yes — he treats me like a Queen!)

a little about me:

Communication. As an introverted child, I was an avid reader and a keen observer of behavior. I eventually realized that conflicts occurred when there was a misunderstanding that stemmed from a lack of communication. 

i've always been intrigued by:

After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Business as well as a Master’s degree, I worked various corporate jobs. But they simply weren’t my life’s calling, nor did I feel truly accepted in those careers. I wanted to serve my Black Sisters and Brothers, and define professionalism on my own terms.

I became licensed in two states (and counting!). In 2021, I started my practice Profound Peace Psychotherapy Collective — where a group of diverse, wonderful professionals are doing life-changing work treating clinical issues through a relational lens.

I’m half homegirl, half professional — and totally relatable. I believe in a fun, engaging, and fulfilling therapy process. We connect, we vibe. And we go to work. 

  • Listen attentively to you 
  • Listen attentively to your partner
  • Respond with compassion and respect
  • Empower you with ways to develop healthy relationship habits
  • Teach you how to communicate effectively with your partner 
  • Help you create a relationship that’s exciting

As your couples therapist or coach, you can count on me to...


ready to strengthen
your relationship?

“Finding a couples therapist you and your partner like and feel supported by is hard. Shemiah held us equally accountable but made us both feel comfortable and supported from day one.”

so they say: