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When the potential of divorce is separation is on the table, discernment counseling can help you to gain clarity.

Discernment counseling is a type of counseling designed for couples who are considering divorce but are not completely sure if it's the right decision. It's a short-term, highly focused form of counseling that helps you gain clarity and confidence about whether to work on your relationship or move towards separation. The goal is not to solve the issues in the relationship, but rather to help you and your partner gain a deeper understanding of yourselves, each other, and the possibility of repairing the relationship.

I will help you explore your options and understand the factors contributing to your uncertainty, ultimately helping you make a well-informed decision about the future of your relationship.

Discernment Counseling

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I specialize in helping couples repair broken connections, improve communication by learning new skills and strengthening partnership to navigate life and transitions as a team.

I have completed Level 3 Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and use this approach with couples I work with.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

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